Failed To Instantiate Scenario - ClassNotFoundException



I'm having an issue with a very basic project using Jbehave and Selenium and hopefully someone can help me out.

I have managed to create a .scenario, and basic test with Selenium built in to test a login of a website. This is all setup in Eclipse with the correct .jars on the classpath and buildpath, it runs and works correctly. There is also a file that the test uses to determine the URL to test.

I've been trying to migrate the project into a command line build using an Ant script. I have almost carbon copied the build.xml from the Trader example from the Jbehave website except rather than reading in the dependencies from the pom.xml it copies local JARs into the classpath. Hopefully I have all the Jars I need. I've also left out the reporting stuff as I just want the tests to run firstly.

It fails to instantiate the file and further down in the error list is a ClassNotFoundError which makes me think the classpath isn't including the compiled classes even though the output says the compilation has been sucessful and prints out a very long classpath with the Jars in and the path C:\LoginProject\target\classes which is the destdir of the compile target.

I'm sure its just me missing something in the build.xml, I'm sure its not an issue with the Java classes themselves as they work fine in Eclipse when you run

Ive attached the project and under /lib there is a list of the JARS I would have in List of JARS.txt, sorry I know this is a bit of a rubbish way of doing things I'm just not particularly familiar with Maven and how to use its functionality.

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