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Posted by Gerard Meszaros on wiki:

There seems to be a large gap between the Two-Minute Tutorial and the detailed technical documentation (JavaDoc). This gap created a lot of frustration. Each of the following issues may, for all we know, have good solutions in the product. We just couldn't find them! The Two-Minute Tutorial seemed to leave out a bunch of important stuff. We couldn't get the example to actually compile and run until we discovered this. The installation information was non-existant/incomlete. There was no mention of the need to have hamcrest-all-1.2.jar installed so we couldn't code the equalTo in the ensureThat. The use of Static Imports to allow these methods be referenced without class names on front should be highlighted in the example.

The link to the examples (which we are encouraged to review) is broken.

When running scenarios with Pending steps, the tests still run green. The documentation does say this can be changed but we were unsuccessful at doing it. It seems to be rather involved and/or voodoo. It would be good to have a very clear description of 1) Why it considers Pending steps as green and 2) how to cause the pending steps to fail the tests in various environments (e.g. Eclipse/Java)


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